Assetto Corsa Drift Fix

In order to be able to drive both ways, the folder ai must be renamed... this script will do so for all of your tracks.

#Renaming all ai-folders, lets drive both ways!
$ACPath = "";
Get-ChildItem -Path "Registry::\HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Steam App*" | foreach-object { if($_.GetValue("DisplayName") -contains "Assetto Corsa"){ $ACPath = $_.GetValue("InstallLocation")} }
$tracks = $ACPath +"\content\tracks\"
Get-ChildItem $tracks -Recurse -filter "ai" | ForEach-Object { Write-Host $_.FullName -NoNewline; $name = $_.FullName; $nn = $_.FullName+"__"; Rename-Item $name $nn; Write-Host "Renamed" -ForegroundColor Green;}

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